What is the Engaged Social Innovation (ESI) major?

It’s a little bit of everything. It’s social justice, experiential learning, and making calculated changes in the world’s current structure.

ESI offers students a place to make careers of their passions; to take what drives their desire to learn and grow and cultivate them in terms of helping others and along the way, helping themselves.

ESI allows students to designate a third of their study to entrepreneurial/innovation courses, a third to courses they choose themselves and a third to a capstone internship or project. This dynamic education is what I feel the world is currently lacking.

My ESI focus is in the design and development of unconventional learning, both spatially and programming. Essentially, I want to redesign and improve education on a global level. I want to incorporate international travel, out of the classroom based learning, job shadowing, and non STEM course matter into grammar schools, high schools and colleges around the world, taking useful tips and tricks from varying cultures and lifestyles.

Innovation is what comes next. We already have a society overflowing with problems. We have the aggregators, the pessimists and the evil. Innovation brings the change. It does not only bring up the solution. Innovation executes the solution.

Help me re-educate the world on education with Engaged Social Innovation.