Why I Am Still Going Abroad

Fear cannot reduce my wanderlust. In light of the recent attacks in Paris, Beirut, Kenya, and other beautiful places around the world, I pushed the thought of studying abroad next fall to the back of my mind. Heightened threats have begun to plague airports, delay flights, and require the presence of the FBI and the [...]

Home won’t always be your childhood house

And that's okay. As I made the three-hour trek back to Iowa City on Monday morning after a long weekend spent with my family, the familiar lyrics of Phillip Phillips’ song Home spewed from my car’s radio. As a freshman, I found the drive back to school to be daunting. Back I go to midterms, [...]

The World Is At Your Feet, Now What?

A love/hate relationship with the term "millennial". Being a go-getting, coffee guzzling Millennial comes with high expectations. You are supposed to be simultaneously working successfully towards a degree, balancing a well-rounded social life, procuring internships and job offers, staying healthy, and standing out amongst the hoards of other young people vying for the same life [...]