Running through airports and other ways I’ve managed to avoid the gym (and blogging) while abroad

Below are a few of the reasons why I've waited so long to post since I've been abroad. I got trapped in the bathroom of my flat and am now making a short, comedic film about the experience as a final class project. I've begun to use the word flat. And cheers. And I replace "excuse me" [...]

The girl with the basic rib cage tattoo

My nostrils flared at the smell of antiseptic and latex. I swiped to unlock and re lock my phone, over and over again to stare at the picture on my screen. I looked at the girl behind the computer's hands. I'd never seen black latex gloves before and they were making me awkwardly nervous. Then again, I'd never been in [...]

Curiosity saved the college student

As children we ask questions.  What does this mean? Why is the sky blue? Where are we going? Are we there yet? Why are your legs hairy? Why aren't your legs hairy? Why do people die? And a slew of other zany and uncomfortable inquiries adults around us gawked at or were annoyed by. We'd get [...]

When one door closes another one is, well, still closed

Sarah Paulson recently did an interview with GQ magazine on succeeding too early in your career. My initial thought was, don't worry Ms. Paulson, I'm definitely not. The bolded interview headers were witty, to the point and entirely too relatable. From "don't keep calm, but carry on" to "true success is: naps", Paulson really hits [...]

Why I Am Still Going Abroad

Fear cannot reduce my wanderlust. In light of the recent attacks in Paris, Beirut, Kenya, and other beautiful places around the world, I pushed the thought of studying abroad next fall to the back of my mind. Heightened threats have begun to plague airports, delay flights, and require the presence of the FBI and the [...]

Home won’t always be your childhood house

And that's okay. As I made the three-hour trek back to Iowa City on Monday morning after a long weekend spent with my family, the familiar lyrics of Phillip Phillips’ song Home spewed from my car’s radio. As a freshman, I found the drive back to school to be daunting. Back I go to midterms, [...]

The World Is At Your Feet, Now What?

A love/hate relationship with the term "millennial". Being a go-getting, coffee guzzling Millennial comes with high expectations. You are supposed to be simultaneously working successfully towards a degree, balancing a well-rounded social life, procuring internships and job offers, staying healthy, and standing out amongst the hoards of other young people vying for the same life [...]

“At least we can say we did it.”: The Festival Myth

I was sitting on a curb near the port-a-potty kingdom at Lollapalooza this year when I overheard a very sunburnt, very tired looking mom say to her daughter, "Well, honey, at least we can say we did it." I watched as the daughter nodded in agreement while taking a sip out of her special edition [...]