I’m saving all of the good stories for the book someday. But until then, here’s a bit of it.

Current job: Digital multimedia journalist

Education: University of Iowa (BA ’18, Journalism and Mass Communication, Engaged Social Innovation) and my senior superlative was “Most likely to act the same when she’s 80”

Favorite book(s): “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” and “Oh, The Places You’ll Go”

Coffee order: The biggest cup of iced coffee with the smallest amount of cream you can give me, no sugar

Podcast: The Moth

Dream job: Coffee shop/ community marketplace owner

On Sunday mornings you can usually find me: You can’t

Best accidental experience: Attending Paris Fashion Week in a $9 outfit with a loaf of bread in my purse

Biggest regret: Drinking the 500-year-old water in Bath, England

Favorite food item(s): Burger King chicken fries, Lindor chocolates, all potatoes

Conspiracy theory I believe in: Avril Lavigne was replaced by someone named Melissa in 2003

Things that bring me joy: NASA’s Twitter account, unsweetened iced tea, driving with all of the windows down, watching compilations of The Voice auditions, the Target dollar section around holidays, dog adoption announcements, graphic t-shirts with puns

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