Social media is our generation’s great gathering place.

Friends, family and strangers come together in comment sections and messages. We share triumphs and failures, good times and bad, on the same timeline, in the same moment, despite often being miles apart. Together and separately, we find our new favorite songs, the dances we have to try out and the businesses we grow to love.

We’re living during a time when Slim Jim’s Instagram account deserves a comedy special on Netflix and the ads we are seeing actually get us to buy something simply because they don’t feel like ads at all. We want to be friends with whoever runs Wendy’s Twitter account. We take to comment sections to hold brands accountable when they’re post just isn’t it.

Brands and businesses have become more than that on social media: they’ve become our friends, a source of laughter or even a ~comfort~ follow. As a business owner, one of your most valuable pieces of inventory is your story. I help you tell it effectively while upping your sales and online presence. Let’s work together.


Hi! I’m a social media manager and digital content creator based in Chicago, Illinois.

To request a copy of my digital portfolio, please connect with me through LinkedIn by clicking the icon below.

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